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Hot Tub Time Machine

Revisiting the 1980s provides a few laughs

Good things about Steve Pink's time-travel comedy, in which four guys from now wind up back at the ski resort they were also at in 1986: The film has a lot of fun with various time-bending tropes, from the Terminator to "the butterfly effect"; Craig Robinson (The Office), who is likable and funny; dumping on the 1980s, a decade with plenty to gripe about (talkin' to you, Huey Lewis!); and Crispin Glover, as a deranged-slash-helpful bellboy. Now, to the bad things, which seemed an infinitely larger part of the film: Rob Corddry (this one-note vulgarian is the essence of cameo role, not oxygen-sucking star, like he is here); too many utterances of "fuck" and assorted terms for male genitalia in lieu of actual jokes (it's an R-rated comedy, so assume we're not 10 years old, OK?); Chevy Chase (though perhaps it was a meta-commentary about how unfunny he was in the 1980s); all the lame '80s music; and Rob Corddry (again). And John Cusack, the go-to-guy for sensitive '80s, it's kinda sad to see you here, dodging the projectile vomit. In sum, not a bad idea, but executed for the lowest common denominator, with dick jokes replacing wit. Check your personal preferences, and proceed as warranted.