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Hip-hop crew The Shindiggaz celebrate three solo CDs

Hip-hop crew The Shindiggaz celebrate three solo CDs
SoulDivide of The ShinDiggaz

The members of KISS waited for years, then released their solo albums on the same day; Wu-Tang Clan has rolled them out steadily. But everything happens faster now, and even though Pittsburgh hip-hop crew ShinDiggaz hasn't been around long, it makes sense that this Thu., Feb. 3, they're celebrating three solo releases at Shadow Lounge.

Made up of six emcees and DJ Thermos, ShinDiggaz have hit the ground running, with a busy schedule of releases, and shows like opening for Wu-Tang's New Year's Eve bash at Mr. Small's.

The three releases are Prenutbucker Jellytime, a five-track collaboration between emcee SoulDivide and DJ Thermos, and two full lengths, Greazy Duzit's Mucho Greazy and Mr. Brink's Drinks 'n Downers.

At first glance, you might expect the discs would just reshuffle the same deck. Thermos produces most of Mucho Greazy, and several tracks from Drinks. The rest of the crew -- which includes emcees Dutch Rollin Rebel, Zigzag and Kid A (who has his own solo disc on the way) -- also make regular appearances. 

Listen to the discs side by side, though, and it's hard to believe Therm&Soul's "Shindig Macarena" came from the same minds as did the gritty visions of Mr. Brink, whose ominous beats underscore lyrics like "Man, all my life, I root for the bad guy." And Greazy's disc tends toward psychedelic overtones; one interlude has a friend offering an endorsement of Greazy, saying, "his eyes may be like George Bush's but he really hates George Bush -- yo man, that's my dude right there." (Judging from the album photo, at least, they do look a little like Dubya's.)

That range of personality and style could divide the ShinDiggaz, but from the recorded evidence, anyway, it seems more like musical Miracle-Gro.


The Shindiggaz Triple Release Party with special guest Saint Rocco and DJ Sean MC. 9 p.m. Feb. 3. Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd., East Liberty. $3 ($5 at the door). 18 and over. 412-363-8277 or www.shadowlounge.net

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