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Have a coffee while you shop at The Government Center's new espresso bar

Have a coffee while you shop at The Government Center's new espresso bar
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The Government Center
If you're looking for another reason to check out The Government Center, North Side's coziest record shop/venue, owner Josh Cozby is adding a full-service espresso bar later this month.

“Here in the North Side, there really aren’t many coffee shops,” says Derek January, event organizer at The Government Center. “The coffee bar will be a nice way to bring people in and get curious about record collecting.”

Currently, on East Ohio Street, there is a tea house, Arnold’s Tea, and Priory Fine Pastries, which sells hot drinks, but nothing where one can purchase something beyond a standard hot coffee. For that North Siders must travel to Commonplace Coffee in Nova Place, Big Red Room Cafe in the Children’s Museum, or behind Nova Place to Crazy Mocha or J.R. Coffee Shop.

“Part of it is to encourage people to come to the shop more often,” says Cozby. “Part of it, with the live shows we’ve been doing, is to hopefully offset the cost of doing those.”

The Government Center does not charge bands and musicians to use the shop for performances. And they don’t have the assistance of alcohol sales to make extra revenue.

“We figured having something where you can buy consumable stuff would help, and give the shop a reason to be more of a destination than just coming in and buying records," says Cozby.

Cozby is confident that the espresso bar will be open before Thanksgiving. He says there isn’t much that needs to happen, and the scale in which they are doing the bar means the construction won’t be terribly intrusive to the shop.

Construction is set to begin later this month.

“You can come in even if you don’t want to buy a record and get something to drink and hang out if records aren’t your thing or you need a little bit more encouragement to come to the North Side."
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The Government Center

519 E Ohio St, Pittsburgh North Side

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