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Happily Never After

Things go awry in Fairy Tale World after Cinderella's evil stepmother stages a coup. This animated re-imagining of the classic tale, directed by Paul Bolger, just barely registers as entertaining. The computer animation makes all the characters look like cheap plastic dolls stacked against wildly patterned wallpaper. The story, with a few added characters, like Prince Charming's valet, Rick, veers between dull and unduly frantic. It's unlikely to hold the kiddies in their seats, and the comic bones tossed to adults are limp. Sigourney Weaver brings some brio as the voice of the stepmom; Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar voice Rick and 'Ella respectively. George Carlin drops by all too briefly; and Patrick Warburton, as the Prince, does his millionth turns as a deep-voiced animated character. Frankly, the whole family would be better off staying home and reading the book.