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Hair High

Cult animator Bill Plympton (Mutant Aliens), whose popular short works are familiar to festival-goers and TV-watchers alike, again tackles the full-length form with this parody of 1950s high school romance. Riffing on the teen-death romantic mini-genre, Hair High depicts Spud and Cherri, true lovers killed on prom night ... who come back to wreak revenge. It's an idea that doesn't need half of this 80-minute movie, so Plympton lays on plenty of padding. Extraneous scenes of hokey dialogue quickly grow grating, but Plympton fans will groove to several animated set pieces that tap the director's gift for illustrating the ordinary turned freaky (there's also plenty of his trademark human-body-turned-inside-out animation). Like one of Plympton's bedeviled characters, Hair High feels stretched too thin, revealing more entertaining technique than cohesive comedy. Sarah Silverman, Dermot Mulroney, Keith Carradine and Justin Long are among those lending their voices. (AH)