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For the Bible Tells Me So

A provocative documentary examines Bibical-inspired homophobia

Leviticus 18:22. It's among the several Bible citations some folks quote to support their contention that God abhors homosexuality. But can cherry-picking text prove what God thinks about gays? Daniel Karsake's documentary cogently examines the roots of Bible-based prejudices, the rise of literal Bible reading and the parsing of doctrine that enables adherents to "be like Jesus" yet act with open intolerance. The film is gently provocative and doesn't resort to simply piling on fundamentalists. Instead, Karsake gives voice to a variety of religious scholars who patiently explain that the Bible must be interpreted within its historical, cultural and even semiotic contexts. Further, they add, Biblical text has a checkered history of supporting "clear" positions we now consider untenable, such as slavery and the subjugation of women. Through this theological discussion, Karsake weaves the journeys of several deeply religious families with gay children, including that of Rep. Dick Gephardt and the Robinsons, whose openly gay son Gene made recent headlines when confirmed as an Episcopalian bishop. Most of the personal stories are deeply moving, and explicitly prove another of the film's tenets: When the gay "sinner" is not an abstracted Other, but a family member or friend, the fears and prejudices buttressed by literalism tend to dissolve. Starts Fri., Jan. 25. Harris [capsule review]

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