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Even Michael Caine can't save this dull 1960s diamond caper

"Lifeless" would be a better description for this curiously tepid gem-heist caper set in 1960 London and leadenly directed by Michael Radford. Miss Quinn (Demi Moore) is an unappreciated manager at a London diamond exchange. When the firm's janitor, Hobbs (Michael Caine) approaches her with a foolproof plan to liberate some diamonds, Quinn agrees to lend a hand. (Who wouldn't?) Moore looks good in the pencil-slim suits, but is well out of her league even with this lightweight material; she never exhibits any of the contained rage and fire necessary to make Quinn's actions believable, nor does she generate any spark with co-stars. Even Caine, who can play cheery old Cockney dodgers in his sleep, appears to be doing just that. The whole turgid affair offers little intrigue -- it's obvious where the diamonds are, though in a punchier film, correctly guessing this wouldn't hinder our enjoyment -- and the hastily appended "surprise ending" had me groaning out loud. Starts Fri., April 18. Manor (AH) [capsule review]