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Finishing The Game

Kung-fu spoofs better be damn good, because the source material is already pretty silly and has been endlessly mocked. This outing starts from a solid premise drawn from an actual occurrence: What would a studio do if its top kung-fu star, Bruce Lee, died while filming Game of Death in 1973? Justin Lin's mockumentary picks up the story, as a young director auditions Lee replacements -- a parade of Asian Americans, most comically exaggerated stereotypes. Clearly, Lin -- who made the well-received teen dramedy Better Luck Tomorrow -- wants to challenge the ghettoization of ethnicities in Hollywood. (See also Robert Townsend's sharper Hollywood Shuffle, from 1987). But Game is a five-minute sketch stretched well past its funny point, before fraying into a dissatisfying conclusion. And bad kung-fu moves? Cheesy '70s clothes? A cameo from George Takei? Done, done and done some more. Starts Fri., Nov. 23. Harris (AH)

Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest
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Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest

By Pam Smith