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Ernest and Celestine

Charming French-Belgian animated feature about two unlikely pals, a mouse and a bear


This sweet animated family film from Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar and Benjamin Renner is a welcome antidote to the frantic toy commercials that frequently appear as kids' movies. (It was nominated for a 2014 Oscar, but lost to Frozen.) Illustrated in a charming watercolor style, it tells the simple story of a young mouse, Celestine, who befriends a bear, Ernest, each defying the world order in which bears and mice are enemies.

The film is whimsical and gently funny throughout, with many nods to other works that even kids will recognize (Madeleine, Bugs Bunny). Even its gentle but engaging style recalls a storybook come to life (it is adapted from Gabrielle Vincent's books), and its emotional subplot about two oddballs who find each other should resonate with both young and old.

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