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Elsa and Fred

A romance brighten the lives of two Madrid senior citizens in this sweet, sentimental dramedy

A depressed and recent widower Alfredo Fred (Manuel Alexandre) moves into a new apartment in Madrid, and finds himself the object of affection for a lively elderly Argentine woman named Elsa (China Zorrilla). As you might expect in Marcos Carnevale's dramedy, the lonely pair quickly move from sparring to dating, the effervescent if somewhat worrisome Elsa teaching the old-timer Fred that it's never too late to live, love – and maybe even take a dream date to Rome's Trevi fountain, a la La Dolce Vita. This is sweet, if slight film, with enjoyable leads. Needless to say, when sentimental stories break out around lovers who are in their 80s, you might just want to pack a hanky. In Spanish, with subtitles. Manor (AH)

Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest
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Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest

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