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Dress like a queen: Score sequins, wigs, and more during drag artist’s closet sale

click to enlarge A collage of a sparkling red dress, a long blonde wig, blue and silver bejeweled high heel shoes, and a shiny dark dress with large puffy shoulders
Items from Lola LeCroix's Ultimate Big Gay Drag Sale

Drag queens are undeniably some of the most stylish people you’ll ever meet. From the Black men in drag photographed by Pittsburgh icon Charles "Teenie" Harris in the 1950s to the fierce queens lip syncing their way through local LGBTQ bars, drag artists have long been fashion role models to anyone looking to pull off a strong lip, platform pumps, and sparkling gowns.

Now, you can shop from the closet of one of Pittsburgh’s most well-known — and best accessorized — drag artists, Lola LeCroix, during her Ultimate Big Gay Drag Sale.

“I have WAY too much drag!” LeCroix tells Pittsburgh City Paper in an email. “I’ve been spending months and months going through everything, pulling and sorting, taking back items and putting new things in the pile.”

click to enlarge A drag queen is styled as both the bride and the groom, photoshopped next to each other, on a magazine-style cover of Pittsburgh City Paper
Lola LeCroix as both the bride and the groom on Pittsburgh City Paper's 2015 Wedding Issue

Over 250 items are up for grabs, including gowns, tops, shoes, and more. And the best part is that they’re affordable, with most items priced cheaper than you’d find in many thrift stores.

Live out your punk fantasies with a white leather jacket featuring large silver grommets for only $25. Hit the clubs with a black faux leather one-shoulder dress for $40. Looking for a new do? Choose from wigs galore, featuring everything from a Farrah Fawcett-inspired cut for $25 to a short, black-and-red "Rihanna/Janet Jackson" style for $20. If you’re looking to splurge, the black mini cocktail dress with structured shoulders worthy of any runway strut could be yours for $175.

Besides being one of Pittsburgh’s top drag entertainers — and appearing on a City Paper cover as both the bride and the groom for a wedding-themed issue, LeCroix is also an event producer, having hosted VAIN, which has featured some of the biggest names from RuPaul’s Drag Race, across the country. Alongside Pittsburgh native and fellow drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck, she’s also the co-founder and co-producer of the annual Drag Queen of the Year pageant, held in Los Angeles. So her gowns? They’ve seen things.

“My wardrobe comes with lots of fun stories!” says LeCroix, who dishes that many of the items have been borrowed by “a lot of exciting individuals, including some of our favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race gals.”

“I’ve met Lady Gaga in some of this drag,” she adds. “I also have pieces from the Schitt’s Creek wardrobe that I was able to get after they wrapped filming.”

For those dipping into drag wear for the first time, LeCroix has this advice.

“If you like it, wear it! Wear things that make you happy, and you’ll have a fierce collection without even trying," she says. "I love glamour, sparkle, and shine, but I also love things that are different. And don’t be afraid to leave the studs at home and throw on a statement earring. I live by that one.”

One disclaimer, though. Lola warns “some items may come with a complimentary makeup smudge inside.”

Lola LeCroix’s Ultimate Big Day Drag Sale. lolalecroix.com/lolascloset