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Don’t Think Twice

Life in a tight-knit comedy improv group is disrupted when one member finds success


In Mike Birbiglia’s new dramedy, a group of six friends are in a New York City improv group known as The Commune. It’s a struggle, but they have each others’ backs and a small but steady following. If any of them has a big dream, it’s to get picked as a cast member and/or writer for a late-night-television comedy-sketch show called Weekend Live (read: Saturday Night Live). But just one of them, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key), makes the cut, and the repercussions ripple through the tight-knit group immediately. Most directly affected is Jack’s girlfriend, Samantha (Gillian Jacobs), who counters the new imbalance in their relationship by doubling down on the purity of improv (it’s all about the group, don’t think). This is a low-key, gently funny film that examines some established human truths about loyalty, jealousy, creativity and how even people in their 30s who seek a shambolic career have to eventually get focused.

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