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DJ Terry Lee

Terry Lee was DJing at WMCK-AM in McKeesport when Question Mark & the Mysterians released their fourth single, "Do Something to Me." "It's a happy, fun song that captures the era," Lee recalls. "That's 1967 and it's pop music, not bubblegum. But it's a great dance record."

That same year, WIIC-TV (now WPXI) hired Lee to host Come Alive, an American Bandstand-style dance show that featured national touring acts between their performances in Pittsburgh. When "Do Something to Me" became popular on his radio show, Lee brought the Mysterians to town as a guest on Come Alive, and that same weekend took them around to the area's numerous teen-age dance clubs.

Question Mark, he says, was a wild character who knew how to work an audience. "I picked records to play on the radio out of two categories: a radio record and a dance record. With Question Mark, you got both," he says. "You can't say that it's the standard electric rock 'n' roll. If anything, it's more of a Tex-Mex influence."

Last year, Lee returned to Pittsburgh airwaves playing music of the same era, working briefly for WJAS 1320 AM. (He currently works at WLSW 103.9 FM and DJs occasional oldies dances.) While he used to emcee concerts on a regular basis, that ended in the 1970s. "It's something I don't like to do," he says. "Leave me alone in the studio and let me do my radio show."

He decided to make an exception after Pat McArdle put him on the phone with Question Mark, to whom he hadn't spoken in more than 40 years. "I couldn't believe it. He remembered me bringing him to town for the shows that we did," Lee says. Like McArdle, who decided to promote a show for the first time in two decades, Lee will make a comeback as the evening's host.