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Dinner Dream

Somebody's set the table wrong
    with real linens
and more forks than you can
    count on one hand.

Somebody's let the breeze blow
    through the lilies
just enough to make you think
    it is spring.

Somebody's made sure there's
    a trump
of cream in the potatoes and
    pesto mashed

from a basil leaf, perfect as the
Somebody's poured the wine
    you can't afford

and placed your name at the
    head of the table.
Somebody's gone through all
    this trouble --

the music, Miles Davis and
    White Stripes --
so, when the mood hits you,
    you can cry or dance.

Somebody's let the dog in from
    the porch
and given him a bone sweet
    with marrow.

Somebody should have known
    you eat a lot and then
throw up, and then wish you
    were somebody else.

And I didn't even mention the
    flame, the candles.


-- Leslie Anne Mcilroy


Leslie Anne Mcilroy's new book, Liquid Like This, from which this poem is taken, was published by Word Press. She won the 2001 Word Press Poetry Prize for her book Rare Space, and the Slipstream Chapbook Prize for Gravel. She lives in Wilkinsburg. Many writers featured in Chapter & Verse are guests of Prosody, produced by Jan Beatty and Ellen Wadey. Prosody airs every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on independent radio, WYEP 91.3 FM.

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