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Definitely, Maybe

Ryan Reynolds can't match his female co-stars in this romantic piffle

The set-up made me cringe: Precocious child (Abigail Breslin) asks divorcing dad (Ryan Reynolds) to turn his past love affairs into a bed-time story so she can learn how he and mommy met. There's more to like when the flashbacks begin in 1992 -- cue those Clinton jokes -- and dad's in the dating pool, but Adam Brooks' romantic comedy is very familiar stuff: Guy bumbles through relationships, always just missing the Right Girl who was there all along. If you can't get enough of that fluffy drivel, you may net a laugh or a smile. On the downside, Ryan Reynolds has never looked more like a mannequin come to life: He has the unnaturally tanned skin tone of a 1970s JC Penney's special, and often, the delivery to match. It doesn't help that he's paired with two of the liveliest actresses out there -- the smoldering brunette Rachel Weisz and the vivacious redhead Isla Fisher -- both of whom are effortlessly earthy, smart, spirited and fun.

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