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Deep Water

In the fall of 1968, nine sailboats left England, each containing one passenger attempting a solo, no-stops race around the world. One contestant was the people's favorite, Donald Crowhurst: amateur sailor, mild-mannered engineer and father to four small children. What unfolds over the next year in the remote seas is horrifying. Using archival footage (including film shot by the solitary sailors), scraps of written documentation and contemporary interviews with family and colleagues, Lousie Osmond and Jerry Rothwell's documentary pieces together a modern-day endurance feat that spared no participants. Most compelling is the mysterious journey of Crowhurst, who, when undone by his ordeal, reaches for the wrong survival tool: his ingrained sense of honor. Deep Water is fascinating stuff, a bizarre and deeply tragic tale, as well a retroactive detective story that seeks to chart the troubled depths of Crowhurst's psyche. In English, and some French, with subtitles. Starts Oct. 19. Regent Square

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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

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