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Déjà Vu

To say too much would ruin the brain-twisting fun of this Tony Scott actioner, but this film isn't about déjà vu at all. A terrible bombing occurs in New Orleans, and an ATF agent (Denzel Washington) is sent to investigate. Washington discovers that law enforcement is harboring a revolutionary surveillance tool that may let investigators see what occurred before the bombing and possibly prevent it. Though fueled more by egg-headed pseudo-science than bullets, Déjà Vu is fast-paced and surprisingly engaging. The always-likable Washington's real co-star is the story's razzle-dazzle technology, which makes even a hackneyed car chase seem fresh. Scott shot this film in post-Katrina New Orleans: Other than scenes of the Ninth Ward, the city looks healthy, but underlying the action is an imperative that Washington must help avert another catastrophe in the Crescent City. (AH)

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