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Comic T.J. Miller talks Pittsburgh, Carpoolers and more.

If you had run into T.J. Miller a year ago, he might have been talking about his roles in Cloverfield or Carpoolers, or about how excited he was to be on Letterman. A year before that, T.J. might have spoken about his satirical pornographic Web site, And after working on She's Outta My League, a film shot in Pittsburgh last year, it's hard to say what T.J. will be talking about a year from now. Nonetheless, he spoke with CP from the road, in advance of his six shows this week at the Improv.


How were your three months in Pittsburgh filming She's Outta My League?
Really great. There's a lot more to the city than "beer and sandwiches with French fries in them," like some people think -- although those are very good, especially between the hours of 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Really, it's just a great and pretty city. There's cool museums and cultural institutions, great restaurants with really amazing views, incredible sports, really fun nightlife -- and sandwiches with French fries in them.

How long till you felt like a Pittsburgher?
I'd say it was about two hours before I was wearing a Penguins jersey, had two Iron Cities in my hands, while beating someone up on 10th Street.

How did people respond to the movie being filmed in their town?
They were really interested in who was in the movie, and of course they were disappointed when [the cast featured] no one they'd ever heard of. They were always pleased to hear how "Pittsburgh" the movie was going to be.

Did anyone recognize you?
Some did, and they'd yell "Marmaduke!" [his Carpoolers character] and ask, "Why aren't you in your underwear?" Which is always good when I'm in mixed company.

Sounds like there'll be plenty more places to recognize you from.
She's Out of My League might not come out until Valentine's 2010, if you can believe that. I have a small but funny role in the new Mike Judge film, which comes out in the summer or fall. Tracy Morgan and I are attached to a film being written by John Mulaney -- who writes for SNL and just put out his first CD and special with Comedy Central -- and Nick Kroll, who's worked on a bunch of shows and was in Cavemen. And Nick Thune and I got cast in a CBS pilot called Waiting to Die.

Have you worked with Thune before?
I had a small part in his Web series, as his effeminate costume-designer.

Do you have experience with tailoring?
I tailor my comedy to younger demographics ... like toddlers. That's been happening a lot lately, actually. I think because my body type's similar to theirs.


T.J. Miller Thu., April 23, through Sun., April 26. Pittsburgh Improv 166 E. Bridge St., W. Homestead (at the Waterfront). $15. 412-462-5233

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