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Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge

If office-casual garage rock is your scene, this could be just the right punch in the mouth for you. Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge is pure, visceral immediacy and it doesn't just shake hips. It shakes hipsters from their denim-clad pretensions of cave-mannish brutality. 


Saturated with raunch and rancor, vocalist/guitarist John Dwyer's cheap, fast conjurings convey the lost spitfire soul of rock 'n' roll.  Songs like "I Made a Bomb" and "Did You Cum?" prove that Dwyer has finally forsaken the tinny rattle of Coachwhips' previous long-player, Bangers Versus Fuckers, in search of a meatier, bloodier animal.

Sure, some songs on Peanut Butter are throwaways, but that's what you get with trash rock. Dwyer conquers the lackluster with adrenal zest as he spits uber-conscious carnality on "Ya No Ya Wanna." Blues in spirit, noise in concept and rock in role, this beast thrashes with the straight-jacketed abandon of an asylum escapee. 


 Toward the end of the disc, "Oops, Uh, Uh" keeps the brawl throbbing until the pat-on-the-shoulder tempo of "Your Party Will Be a Success" hisses out the perfect denouement to such an ass-whippin' experience.  As you loosen that tie to clean your neck wounds, maybe you'll realize why Coachwhips makes music that could never be contained in a college. Or for that matter, a cubicle.

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