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Ceann conjures up a fun night on the town with Making Friends

Making Friends


This really isn't the music to play at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Though I imagine many would dig it, the attendees would likely soon forget how much they hated themselves, start dancing and having a good time, and quickly decide it best to hurry to the closest tavern for a pint or two ... or 10. Ceann's Making Friends is music for heavy drinking, having a proper time with no worry about the morning.

It feels like those wild Irish parties you hear about in tales of yore, with people dancing around, making all sorts of ruckus, and drinking away the day's toil. And that's apparently the whole idea for this Pittsburgh-based "Irish American Rock & Roll" band.

Complete with plenty of banjo, harmonica, fiddle and good spirits, plus the occasional pop-country flavor, Making Friends is perfect jukebox music, with lyrics from a modern-day sensibility. Songs like "Friends With Benefits" and "Until Death Does Its Part" are funny takes on modern relationships, while "So Canadian" sarcastically laments that we're not more like our neighbors to the north.

In place of the downer of sitting alone in your living room, drinking cheap whiskey and hating life, Ceann's music sets out to bring all partiers together under the common ground of, well -- partying. Making Friends conjures the sensations of pounding shots and stout at the local pub with a handful of close pals, as you laugh and sing and indulge in all that rowdy behavior that comes along with a good time.