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New releases from The Garment District, The Awful Waffles and Pairdown


The Garment District
"Nature-Nurture" (Sonic Boom remix) b/w "Miraculous Metal"/"Vigor"
(La Station Radar)

The A-side of this 7-inch is a gorgeously weird mix of one of the songs from Jennifer Baron's 2011 solo effort, re-tooled by Sonic Boom, of Spacemen 3 — it runs a jackrabbit's course between an otherworldy realm (foregrounding Lucy Blehar's vocals) and an 8-bit video-game world. The B-side features two new tracks: the simple, soundscapey "Miraculous Metal," and the more complex, sample-filled "Vigor," a pastiche of disembodied sounds from everyday contemporary life. The music itself is worth having; with the beautiful packaging (and heavy-duty vinyl), this one is a must-have.


The Awful Waffles
Eat Breakfast Every Day

A 10-track full-length full of novelty tunes, pop-culture references, pointed jokes and dirty humor from the local rockers. Great production and performances are turned in on songs about stuff like the bright side of breaking up and refusing to subscribe to gender norms. The usual pop-cult figures show up as well: Harry Potter, Star Wars, robots, zombies. If that's your thing, or you like the spot where Bratmobile, breakfast and rockabilly meet, this one's for you.


Aesthetic Guitar

Pairdown's great skill is beautiful guitar work; the duo of Raymond Morin and David Leicht comprises an abundance of talent at finger-picking acoustic work. Here, the group presents a new full-length of tunes, some with vocals and some without, that combine classic blues and rags (as on "Struttin' Rag") with methods and sounds more often associated with classical music (as on a guitar version of Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 2"). Fans of Leo Kottke and John Fahey-style guitar music will want this album. 

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