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British Advertising Awards

The winning British television ads from 2007 offer laughs and a gut-punch or two.

An hour-long program of TV commercials you won't want to fast-forward through! Not only are these from British TV (and therefore new to you), but they're also award-winning buy-me spots. Many are laugh-out-loud funny, building to zinger punchlines. Others trade on Britons' capacity for surreal, offbeat humor, such as a series of ads that forefront the mining of instant noodles, while also sending up earnest working-class tropes. With less restrictive broadcast regulations come ads that are a bit naughtier (hello, thousands of nude people!) and more shocking: Some public-service spots, such as those for anorexia and child-abuse awareness, pull no punches. Then there's the occasional ad that to our foreign eyes is mystifying in its purpose. But still they work: One head-scratcher of an ad sent me to its Web site to see what was for sale. To be screened via video projection. Starts Mon., March 24, through Thu., March 27. Harris (AH) [capsule review]

Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest
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Ephemeral art made at Chalk Fest

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