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Boy Culture

Here's a movie with an identity problem. Boy Culture, written by Philip Pierce and Q. Allan Brocka (who also directed), is a really sappy love story about a high-class callboy looking for love. But Brocka seems embarrassed by this screamingly obvious fact and tries to hide it under an archly studied tone of hip/cool cynicism and a faux film-noir narration so hardboiled you'd swear it's performance art. And it's too bad, really, because the love story, though admittedly corny, is rather enjoyable, thanks to Brocka's visuals and fine performances by Patrick Bauchau, Derek Magyar, Darryl Stephens and Jonathon Trent. Starts Fri., June 22. SouthSideWorks (TH)

Eclipse at Carnegie Science Center
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Eclipse at Carnegie Science Center

By Mars Johnson