BOOGEYMAN | Screen | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


Don't go in the closet! Dude, whatever you do, don't open the closet door! Stay away from the closet! And for good measure, don't look under the bed! But most of all, don't go in the closet! That pretty much sums up Stephen T. Kay's thriller about a troubled young man (Barry Watson) who's paralyzed with closet-phobia. And yet he goes back to his creepy boyhood home ... and starts poking around in closets! It's 86 minutes of closet doors shot askew, worried looks, closets that creak open, panic attacks, and open closets that are pitch black. The film flirts with suggesting that the real threat is a troubled mind, that a dysfunctional youth might have led to adult madness, but in the end, Boogeyman gets physical and heads straight for -- you guessed it -- the closet.