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Starshaped DVD


Filmed and videotaped in the well-trod candid-camera style of nearly all rock 'n' roll films -- on the bus, off the bus, backstage, live footage, repeat -- Starshaped is Blur's most recent foray into live-concert DVD territory.



Damon, Graham and the rest of the boys have never looked so young, and as three years of touring life are documented, from the Reading Festival in 1991 to the Heineken Music Festival in 1993, an unintentional plot line develops: Blur's quickly developing celebrity status is turning the lot of them into reckless alcoholics, Damon Albarn in particular.


Early-morning interviews are given with tired, puffy eyes. Backstage vomiting becomes a frequent occurrence. Overall, Starshaped isn't much to look at outside of its soundtrack. Nearly all the film's concert footage, however, including extra film from two early club shows, are well produced, and will no doubt appeal easily to any serious follower of Blur's brand of Britpop. With songwriting this catchy, of course, it's tough to go wrong. But as Starshaped is all too eager to show, fame, sometimes, is very dirty work indeed.