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Blades of Glory

A mere swoosh of a plot holds this comedy together: Two self-absorbed male figure skaters with wildly different personalities and styles pair up as an ice-dancing couples team. If that tickles your funny bone, then the other ingredients in Will Speck and Josh Gordon's gag-heavy film are also apt to delight: bare-chested Will Ferrell, as the crass, boozy "rebel" who does his routine to "The Stroke"; Jon Heder as his child-like, goody-goody rival; TV-comedy faves Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Craig T. Nelson and Jenna Fischer in supporting roles; mascot abuse; and lots of awkward man-on-man dance moments. My tip of the hat goes to the digital effects that make big lug Ferrell's triple axels look breathtakingly real. (AH)