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Low-budget indie comedy/horror film revels in low-budget indie-ness

In Mark and Jay Duplass' offbeat comedy, four aspiring actors/screenwriters/directors -- these young Los Angelenos just want to be in movies somehow -- head for a remote cabin in the woods to dream up a film. An idea about four people just like themselves gets scuttled in favor of a scare-fest about a creepy stranger emerging from the trees with a bag over his head. Just then, a creepy stranger emerges from the trees with a bag over his head -- and everything and everybody gets re-arranged. Call it The Blair Indie-Filmmaker Project: Baghead is a send-up of low-budget, self-important indie films while still proudly being a low-budget, self-important indie. How amusing you find Baghead will likely depend on your tolerance for languid pacing, bad sound, jumpy camerawork and the challenge of parsing meaning from very ordinary conversations. (The hip kids call this intentionally minimally produced sub-genre "mumblecore.") I was mildly entertained by the realistic relationship set-ups and awkward conversations, but lost interest when Baghead switched to panic-in-the-woods, and folks just started screaming. Starts Fri. Sept. 5. Harris (AH)

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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

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