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After three months on the road, The Living Street come home - and stay there, obviously

click to enlarge After three months on the road, The Living Street come home - and stay there, obviously
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The Living Street
The Living Street is a fitting name for Edward J. Angelo and Nick Guckert's band, since the folk duo spends more time touring across the U.S. than in their hometown of Pittsburgh. But now fresh off a three-month East Coast tour, they are now home like the rest of us.

However, that doesn't mean the two life-long friends are going to stop performing. In
lieu of a homecoming show tonight at Club Cafe, Angelo and Guckert are livestreaming a performance at 7 p.m. on Facebook Live to support the release of their new single, "Long Day."

Although "Long Day" was written before the COVID-19 outbreak, the track captures the current mood of being stuck at home. Days blur together, feeling everlasting but short. And while it can feel like a mini-vacation to a privileged some, having no defined endpoint is frightening and isolation is wearying. Likewise, "Long Day," which grew from a place of loneliness, is upbeat and in a major key, so on the surface, it seems happy. But the actual message is one of longing and uncertainty.

"[Guckert] came up with the bones of the song while hanging out alone all day," says Angelo. "He prefers the company of others very much, so it really felt like a long day of missing and wishing. The song hits even harder with social distancing and truly missing our loved ones at this time, but hopefully, [it will] act as a reminder to the listener that we are all in this together never truly alone."

Music can be uplifting, though. So vocalizing lonesome thoughts like the ones found in the chorus can be gratifying and therapeutic:

"It's been a long day of wishing / I never had a chance to do it on a star / It's been a long day of missing you bad / Its seems like I missed out on a chance I already had"

"We all can feel down and miss someone or something at times, now more than ever," says Angelo. "It helps to know someone else feels it too. Songs help with that in nearly every scenario. At the least, it's a catchy song to sing along to."

As avid performers, Angelo and Guckert are missing the energy and connection of a live crowd, but are using this time to grow as musicians. They've been writing too, though, Angelo says, "It's harder to find inspiration when all we do is walk to the refrigerator and back to a chair. Perhaps our next track will be the chicken nugget blues."

For those unable to catch The Living Street's performance tonight, Angelo and Guckert plant to put on regular livestreams. Check out their website to stay up to date.

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