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Absolute Wilson

Katharina Otto-Bernstein's profile of Robert Wilson is as straightforward as the avant-garde dramatist is genre-busting. We begin with Wilson's boyhood in Texas and move chronologically through various artistic epochs: 1960s New York; the 1970s Downtown scene; corporately sponsored 1980s; and today's comfy "elder statesman" berth. Colleagues, collaborators and critics chime in, but Wilson, interviewed extensively, proves an engaging host and thoughtful about his life. Also included: rare clips from Wilson's many productions. While I previously knew little about Wilson (perhaps best known for his opera with Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach), it's always fascinating to see how an uncompromising artist can evolve (and effect change). Plus there's the inspiring aspect of the nerdy gay kid from Waco who made good -- entirely on his own terms. Starts Fri., April 13. Harris (AH)

Cupid's Undie Run in Pittsburgh, 2024
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Cupid's Undie Run in Pittsburgh, 2024

By Mars Johnson