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5 Questions with Soccer Mommy

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Photo: Sophie Hur
Soccer Mommy
Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, is currently on tour throughout the U.S. in support of her 2020 album Color Theory. Originally hailing from Nashville, the young singer-songwriter (her 2018 album Clean came out when she was just 20 years old) has built a reputation as a self-described "chill but kinda sad" voice of indie rock. She recently announced her forthcoming album Forever — set to drop on June 24 — with the release of a new single, "Shotgun."

Soccer Mommy and her band will take the stage for an all-ages show at Mr. Smalls Theatre on Sat., April 2 with Peel Dream Magazine. Ahead of the show, Pittsburgh City Paper sat down with Allison to ask her five questions.

1. Now that it’s been out for a little bit, how has your relationship to Color Theory changed?
I mean, I think just in general, with every record, I kind of go through phases where we recorded it, and we get it mixed, and I’m really excited about it. Then right around the time it’s released, I start to get tired of it. It kind of comes in waves. Right around the time we started touring, it became the perfect time because I was excited about it again. It actually ended up being really fun, getting to play those songs again.

2. How did you choose the order of the first and last songs on the album?
I feel like the last song is usually one I already know. Like, before putting the album together, I knew what the last one was going to be. But the opener, I mean, it's always hard, you know, trying to get a good order. You want it to flow really well. And the opener, you want to set the tone for the whole album. You want people to ease into it. And you kind of want the opener to be one of the ones you really like, but not quite a single. There's a lot of stuff that ends up going into that and then sitting down and writing out orders. It's a lot like a setlist. You're kind of trying to figure out what would have the best flow because you want to have moments where it's fun, and then it kind of goes into a little bit of slower stuff, and then it kind of picks back up and it starts to feel natural.

3. What are you looking forward to in regard to being back on the road?
It's just been really nice playing shows again and just, like, working with the guys in the band and playing with them. And it's also just nice to be traveling again, I miss traveling in general. I love getting to see the little bits of the city every night. So yeah, it's been great.

4. I’m sure singing at a show almost every night takes its toll, how do you care for your voice and yourself while going through this process?
I have a pretty weak voice so there's not too much I can do besides singing in my own way. But warming up is obviously always good for your voice, drinking a lot of water, and stuff like that. When it comes to taking care of yourself, I personally think the most important thing to do on tour is just trying to actually get sleep. You can have a drink with the band any night. But when you have an early morning, it's good to get the sleep that you need because it's not available constantly.

5. Do you see growth from yourself as an artist? How have things changed from Clean to Color Theory?
Yeah, certainly. I mean, I think for one thing, just like writing, I feel like between every record, I hope to see a lot of growth. And if I'm not seeing the growth that's probably a bad thing. There's stuff you learn, you know, you work and you start realizing things you did on the last record that you didn't like. I think this tour and live show has grown so much. When you're not making much money and stuff, people have other stuff to do, you can't try to provide people with a serious career. So that's definitely grown a huge amount since Clean. And you know, we've added an extra member since Clean as well. So definitely the live sound is way more what I would want it to be.

Soccer Mommy with Peel Dream Magazine. 7 p.m. Sat., April 2. Mr. Smalls Theatre. 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale. $22. All ages. opusoneproductions.com