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Monday, April 29, 2013

MP3 Monday: Idle Drifters

Posted By on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 2:49 PM

The Idle Drifters
  • The Idle Drifters

Afternoon, everyone! It's another installment of MP3 Monday, and this week we're featuring a fantastic local band by the name of The Idle Drifters. They've got a straight-forward alt-rock vibe with just a tinge of blues on some of their tracks. Their song, "Emily" leads in with a riff that you can't help but love. This Saturday night, they're releasing their debut EP "Been Made" at the Inn Termission Lounge in the South Side. If that piques your interest, stream "Emily" below!

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Summer free-concert dates start rolling in

Posted By on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 12:24 PM

Today marks the announcement of both the Allegheny County Parks concert series and the Three Rivers Arts Festival concerts. The TRAF concerts have been trickling out all morning on WYEP; big names include Glen Hansard (Wed., June 12); Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Fri., June 7), and bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley (Sat., June 8).

On the County Parks docket, the biggest names include: Bob Mould (of Husker Du) June 9, Langhorne Slim and the Law June 23, and Rickie Lee Jones August 25, all at Hartwood Acres; and The Wailers June 21, David Cassidy July 12, and Los Amigos Invisibles August 9, all at South Park.

The annual Hometown Music Fest takes place at South Park this year, on Fri., August 30; the lineup is: JD Eicher, Caleb Lovely, and Danielle Barbe.

I'll post a link to the full lineups when they're up!

Review: Fleetwood Mac

Posted By on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Three years have passed since Fleetwood Mac’s last tour, but their performance at Consol Energy Center last night proved their on-stage spark is hardly exhausted. For about two and a half hours, the band sent the crowd on a nostalgic journey through their back catalog with many of their greatest hits, as well as a long lost demo and a new track from their upcoming EP. While the band as a whole put on a great show, the musical chemistry between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks could not be ignored.

“Second Hand News” opened up the show, presenting Buckingham’s awe-inspiring fingerpicking skills almost immediately. As soon as the last chord sounded, Mick Fleetwood, seated atop an impressively large drum kit, rattled his shimmering chimes and broke into “The Chain.” John McVie’s dark, ominous bass solo hypnotized the squealing audience. Both songs set the tone for the evening: the Mac is back.

After “Dreams,” Buckingham took to the mic to discuss Fleetwood Mac’s return to the road.

“Every time we go apart and come back together, it’s different,” he said. “There are some chapters left to write for Fleetwood Mac.”

With that, the band performed “Sad Angel,” a new song from their next release. Much like many other Fleetwood Mac favorites, the song was upbeat with Buckingham’s fingerpicking driving the song.

Most of the set list seemed to focus on Buckingham’s talent as a guitarist, especially during his solo acoustic performance of “Big Love,” during which he thrashed and smacked his strings. Nicks’ vocals and theatrics also took center stage, specifically during “Rhiannon” and “Sara.” “Landslide” and “Never Going Back Again,” both performed acoustically by the duo, drew even more attention to them, as though the rest of the band hardly existed.

Buckingham gave a brief speech about a business axiom before tearing into two songs from Tusk. He explained the phrase, “If it works, run it into the ground and move on,” reminds him of that album, which shocked Warner Brothers quite a bit.

“It was not what they ever expected and most probably not what they wanted.”

“Not That Funny” allowed Buckingham to get more aggressive with his vocals, while he turned “Tusk” into a chaotic, barbaric chant. He crept up to the microphone like a jungle cat, building the song with increasingly louder coyote-like yelps. Fleetwood’s drum solo further established the savage manner of the song.

In addition to playing old favorites, Nicks and Buckingham performed a song they had recorded as a demo in the 1970s and lost somewhere along the way of their rise to fame.

“It was before we were even doing drugs. We were sober, and we still lost it!” Nicks said.

The song, entitled “Without You,” was a ballad written by Nicks about Buckingham. They rediscovered it on YouTube recently and have been performing it throughout their tour. Fleetwood moved off of his platform and in between Nicks and Buckingham, making the song seem even more intimate, as though the trio were reliving a moment from the start of their career together.

“Gypsy” and “Eyes of the World” had the crowd singing, while Nicks’ performance of “Gold Dust Woman” turned into a haunting, theatrical performance. She writhed around in a gold outfit, like the melting Wicked Witch of the West. Buckingham countered Nicks’ dramatics with his evocative rendition of “I’m So Afraid.” He thrashed and smacked his guitar strings like a man gone mad, creeping across the stage with a slow skip.

“Stand Back” and “Go Your Own Way” livened up the audience after Nicks and Buckingham’s bizarre performances. “World Turning” included an appropriately over-the-top solo from Fleetwood, with him screaming “Are you still with me?” in between his flurried drum rolls.

The band left the stage, only to return with a rousing performance of “Don’t Stop.” Brett Tuggle’s piano solo stole the show. The band left and returned to the stage once more for a poignant performance of “Silver Spring.”

As the band bid the audience farewell one last time, Nicks showed her gratitude for their fans, dubbing them “the dream catchers.”

“This whole thing is all your fault. You did it,” Nicks said as she thanked the crowd for their support over the years.

Fleetwood, donning a red top hat, red shoes, and knickers, gleefully trotted to the microphone to also show his graciousness.

“We are glad to be back doing what we love to do,” he said.

And with a tip of his hat, the ringleader exclaimed a prophetic message.

“Remember…the Mac is back!”


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome Home Taylor Gang's Chevy Woods

Posted By on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Hazelwood native Chevy Woods has been touring the world with Wiz Khalifa and their Taylor Gang conglomerate. This Friday, April 26, Pittsburgh can catch him live in concert as he returns home for an all ages show at Club Zoo. Also performing will be fellow Taylor Gang rapper Quay Meanz and Rostrum Records' latest signee Boaz.


Woods and Boaz share a particularly lengthy history working together. In 2007, Boaz's group The Govament unleashed their Election Day mixtape that sent ripples throughout the streets of the city. The group that hailed from Larimer featured Woods heavily on the project. Half a decade later, Woods and Boaz toured together on the first Under the Influence of Music Tour, which also featured Pittsburghers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. In the midst of the tour, Fuse TV sat down at the table with Woods and Boaz together to discuss the 'hard-knocks Pittsburgh rap scene.'

Woods has been active in recent months, featuring on songs by up-n-coming Pittsburgh rap acts Hardo and Crystal Seth. Following up on his Gangland mixtape from June 2012, Woods is preparing for the release of Gangland 2, which will be hosted by popular street rap personality DJ Drama. Woods has already released several music videos from this upcoming project, the latest, "M'fer," features Wiz Khalifa.

One of my personal favorite songs of Woods' is set to be released on Gangland 2 as well. "Things Change" finds Woods reflecting on his humble beginnings to his current success as an artist in the music business.

Fri., April 26th
Club Zoo & Taylor Gang Present CHEVY WOODS: Welcome Home Show
Special guests: Boaz, Quay Meanz, and DJ GQ
All Ages | Doors at 9pm | $10-15.
Tickets here 412-720-1396

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Event Review: The RZA Shares the "Wisdom of the Word"

Posted By on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 4:40 PM

On Thursday, April 18, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA visited Pittsburgh as part of his Wisdom of the Word Tour. The speaking engagement was held at the New Hazlett Theater, presented by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures, and hosted by local poet and National Book Award winner Terrance Hayes. Interviewing RZA, Hayes guided a conversation that ranged from the hip-hop artist, author, and film director’s childhood to current philosophies.


“Starting off in the projects … to me, the projects resemble jails,” RZA said of his early life in Brooklyn. “You do feel trapped there. I was the kind of kid, though, that didn’t mind getting on the bus, getting on that ferry, or getting on the train and travelling.”

It was through these excursions around New York City that RZA discovered hip-hop, which evolved into a route for him to travel the world with his partners in the Wu-Tang Clan.

“The travelling mind I would recommend for any artist,” he said. “Since those days, I was able to have success in music and travel around the world and go to different places — whether it’s Albania, the pyramids of Egypt, the coliseum or the remains of Athens. I’m travelling and I’m seeing life, and it’s really expanding my creativity.”

Although he encouraged the audience of hundreds to explore beyond their usual environment, he also acknowledged the potential gift that can grow within a smaller living space — comparing his time living on Staten Island in New York to the position of local Pittsburghers.

“What’s the benefit of being stuck on an island — or in you guys’ case a peninsula,” RZA asked. “The benefit of it is that you get to nurture something that nobody else has. Sometimes these islands and peninsulas do give you a chance to develop something great and unique, and when that develops and goes out to the world it really inspires the world.”

At times throughout the discussion, RZA read parables from his currently available book The Tao of Wu. As a follow-up to his 2005 book release, The Wu-Tang Manual, RZA talked about how the books differed. While the Wu-Tang Manual digs deep into the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Tao of Wu exudes stories more reflective of the day-to-day life that RZA has led — with both the remarkable career highlights and negative decisions that have molded him into the man he is today.

The Tao of Wu means the way of the Wu, and this is just the way that I’ve travelled personally,” he explained. “I told the agent and the publisher that I wanna do a book about wisdom, I wanna do a book that’s gonna help people.”

“If you’re going somewhere in Pittsburgh, and you wanna go down to Kirkpatrick Street on Centre, you’ll find your way there. But if you’ve got a map, it’s an easier ride. And so, my book … it’s sort of a map. Because some of the things I’ve gone through, you will go through … just by being an American, you’ll come across some of these things. And maybe there’s a way to make it better for you, or just to give you a pre-warning or to let you know that you’re not the first one to go here.”

RZA expalined that he strives to give us a living example of someone who has gone through these things.

“Who is the hero of my life? It has to be me,” he said. “In the book you’ll hear me talk about all of the different people that helped me, or all of the different philosophies we come across, and we take some of these things as fact and we take some things and dismiss them as fiction. It’s each a learning part building you.”

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MP3 Monday: The Wave

Posted By on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 12:33 PM

The Wave
  • The Wave

Happy Monday everyone! Plenty went down this weekend, from Lupe Fiasco playing at CMU's Carnival to Pissed Jeans rocking 6119 Penn Avenue, to the Penguins coming through against the Bruins.

Another big happening this weekend was the release of local hip-hop duo's The Wave's album Seven Days. They've got a laid back style that is nicely suited to this time of year, and their track "Feelin' Famous" makes for great cruising music. Stream it below.

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Stream this Ish: April 19 issue

Posted By on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 10:18 AM

This week in CP:

The Joy Formidable finds its sound on its new album Wolf's Law

The Joy Formidable- This Ladder is Ours

Critics' Picks including Dinner and a Suit, Generationals, Betty Lavette and Lovely Little Girls

Dinner and a Suit

Generationals- Put a Light On

Bettye Lavette

Lovely Little Girls- Undulate

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warhol offers Silver Studio Sessions for web visitors

Posted By on Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 10:43 AM

Here's a new cool thing: The Andy Warhol Museum, which hosts plenty of up-and-coming acts and well-respected musicians alike as part of its Sound Series, is now offering what it calls the Silver Studio Sessions: video performances by Sound Series artists, available on its website.

Here's a sample, from The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merrit's session:

Check the whole series — with songs by Dean & Britta and Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nadia Sirota — out here.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Stream This Ish: April 10 Issue

Posted By on Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 10:43 AM

This week in CP:

RZA of the Wu-Tang clan talks about his ties to Pittsburgh and Steubenville, and Iceage explains their new album in our Music Features.

RZA and The Black Keys — Baddest Man Alive

Iceage — Coalition

Reviews of new albums from Jasiri X and Pointillists.

Jasiri X ft. Brother Ali — The Pillars

The Pointillists — Masonry and Other Lost Arts

Critics' Picks featuring Last Good Tooth, Baby Dee and Little Annie, and Joey Bada$$!

Last Good Tooth — Long Journey

Baby Dee and Little Annie — State of Grace

Joey Bada$$ — Waves

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Talking pinball with Dave Hartley of Nightlands and The War on Drugs

Posted By on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Dave Hartley of Nightlands
  • Photo courtesy of Catharine Maloney
  • Dave Hartley of Nightlands

Hundreds of pinball enthusiasts have converged upon Pittsburgh to test their mettle in the Pinburgh 2013 Match Play Championship, held by the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) from April 11-14. With a prize package of $60,000 and a portion of proceeds going to charity, the championship is among the premier events of the pinball community. Although the 400 person tournament is currently waitlisted, Pinburgh is open to the public. Per the event site, spectators “are welcome to browse and play the 200+ non-tournament pinball machines (2 tokens per play), meet other players, and watch the tournament.”

Pinburgh attracts players of all stripes and skill levels. Among those players is musician Dave Hartley, of Philadelphia. Hartley is probably best known as bassist in The War on Drugs, but he is also the mastermind of Nightlands, whose dreamy, experimental sophomore effort, Oak Island, could mellow even the most nerve-wracking silver ball session. Hartley's Pinburgh pilgrimage is proof that the path to high-score glory holds a special allure, even to those already living the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. In this interview Hartley talks about the roots of his love of pinball, the makings of an interesting table, and the aesthetic pleasure that can be found in stepping up to a pinball machine.

Continue reading »

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