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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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I'm sitting here waiting for what is likely to be an ugly city council debate on the future of the Buncher Company's property in the Strip District. So before we launch into that snakepit, howsabout a bit of discourse that will seem mild by comparison: Tea Party ravings about the war on guns!

For -- lo! -- the following e-mail just came into my inbox, courtesy of one of the 75 Tea Party groups that has my e-mail address. And it promises that this time, the government is actually going to take your guns. No kidding. This isn't like all those 4,000 false alarms; this time is for real.

Ordinarily, I'd provide some fact-checking context for this stuff. But as you'll see, there are almost no specific factual allegations at all. Just endless (even when edited for "clarity") railing about Communist conspiracies and accusing Obama of -- ironically -- "making shit up" and engaging in "toxic rhetoric." Uh-huh.

There has, of course, been a total absence of gun-control efforts over the past few years. And at a certain point, you have to wonder whether these gun-rights advocates aren't protesting a bit much. Could it be they actually yearn to have their guns taken away? To have jack-booted thugs show up the door and make them feel ... important?

Read it and judge for yourself.

Friday, December 7, 2012

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One of the joys of working for a newspaper is receiving phone calls and letters from people who carry within them a body of secret knowledge. And one of the sorrows of working for a newspaper is not having a chance to share their messages with the wider world ... a world that, in too many cases, is sheltered from Certain Awful Realities that our correspondents alone have divined. Over the years, we've received countless missives from people warning about alien mind control, the dangers of "chemtrails" or simply a new, profitable way to raise bullfrogs. Often these letters, e-mails, or phone calls, are sent by media outlets across the country, but apparently the media doesn't see them as fit to share ... a fact which itself becomes part of many conspiracy theories.

Thus we introduce a new occasional feature here on blogh: "You Can't HANDLE the Truth." We'll be sharing some of the insights that our correspondents have vouchsafed with us ... in hopes of shining a light unto the darkness, before that darkness consumes us all.

Our first entry comes to us by way of — you guessed it! — Utah. Older Entries »