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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wendy Bell wakes up in 2019, tweets

Posted By on Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 5:56 PM

Last evening, the always in-touch Wendy Bell gifted us another insightful nugget on Twitter. This time, she dug deep into her Birkin bag of stereotypes, knocked aside some of the "racially charged" ones, and deftly presented us with her distorted June Cleaver perception of America: 

The last thing we gents want to do after punching the clock at F. W. Woolworth corporate is to come home and think about feeding our children, let alone cook the actual meal. Isn't it enough that we sometimes hug them? Pour me a tumbler of Evan Williams, put on Cronkite, and get yourself and those kids into the kitchen, I've gotta check my Standard Oil stock in the Pittsburgh Press. 
The objections from men who make dinner and women defending them came fast and furious.

Wendy Bell is like an Eloi time traveler whose knowledge of current society is based on The Saturday Evening Post, the only reference material she could get her hands on before bending time and space to make her long journey.

Godspeed and safe travels to your next era, Wendy.

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