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Smallman Galley launches new cocktail menu complete with Twister spinner

Fun cocktails in fun packaging

click to enlarge Menu spinner modeled after a Twister board - CELINE ROBERTS
Celine Roberts
Menu spinner modeled after a Twister board
The bar crew at Smallman Galley knows how to bring the party, and they like to show customers a good time from the moment they ask to order a drink. On Tue., April 5, Smallman launched its most recent cocktail menu, following the theme, "Flashback Flavors." "We get to have a lot of fun here. One of the things the owners have really bought into is the unusual packaging we use for each cocktail menu. We have yet to discover the limit," says beverage director, Tim Garso. Previous menus have been printed on VHS boxes or written into comic books. Flashback Flavors takes the patron on a journey of ordering a drink with a custom view finder and a board modeled on the game Twister.

click to enlarge View-finder menu. - CELINE ROBERTS
Celine Roberts
View-finder menu.
Peek into the lens of the view finder, and click through all the potential cocktails ranging between "whimsical & flirty" to "rich & contemplative." Or if you want to leave your choice up to fate, simply spin the needle on the Twister-style board and let it pick for you. The menu has been in development since last summer and is the brainchild of the bar's employees.

One stand-out is the LAN Party, a cocktail that lists tequila, Cool Ranch Doritos, pizza-roll syrup, Mountain Dew Code Red bitters and lime as its ingredients. Sipping it is a trip back to childhood junk food, eating sprees wrapped up in a shockingly balanced sipper. What makes it so delicious? Probably nostalgia and the little bit of MSG that makes for a mouth-watering drink.

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