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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pittsburgh official Twitter account retweets a user with title "WHITE NATIONALIST"; city says it was in error

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Sometime between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., Pittsburgh's official Twitter account, @CityPGH, retweeted a tweet from an account named "WHITE NATIONALIST" in all caps. The user's handle is @FIGHT_4UR_RIGHT and the profile states, in all capital letters, "GLOBALISTS DESTROY BORDERS, LANGUAGE & CULTURE OF SOVEREIGN NATIONS. THEY WANNA DUMP TRUMP, HELP MUSLIMS & RULE THRU SHARIA LAW!"

The retweet in question was a reply to a video of actress Jennifer Lawrence saying "Hey Trump, fuck you," referring to President Donald Trump. The tweet from "WHITE NATIONALIST" stated "THAT PERSON IS THE ACTRESS, Jennifer Lawrence. I'M SURE HER PARENTS ARE VERY PROUD. ... #PENNSYLVANIA #PITTSBURG @dailypenn @PittsburghPG." Pittsburgh's official Twitter account was also tagged in this tweet.

The user, @FIGHT_4UR_RIGHT, also has a history of responding to Twitter accounts from far-right provocateurs like former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka and showing support for the National Rifle Association in the wake of the Parkland shooting. The user also tags Pittsburgh media in posts, like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and WTAE, as well as official government accounts like the city of Pittsburgh or state of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh's official account wrote about an hour after the retweet that it was not purposeful and city officials are looking into the error. "The official City of Pittsburgh Twitter account today retweeted an offensive post in which @citypgh was mentioned. Shortly after it was discovered the retweet was deleted and the post was reported to Twitter. The City is investigating how this occurred, and regrets the error."

When an account is tagged in a tweet, a notification is sent to that user, unless that user is blocked or muted. To retweet a tweet, it only takes a click of the retweet symbol on the bottom of the tweet. A tweet can be un-retweeted by clicking the symbol again.

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