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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pittsburgh cartoonist Wayno ends weekly WaynoVision comic

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Recent WaynoVision cartoons in Pittsburgh City Paper
WaynoVision, the weekly cartoon found in Pittsburgh City Paper since 2016, is no longer. Wayno, the Pittsburgh artist behind the strip, has ended his cartoon starting with this week’s issue after landing a new gig: He's the new Monday-Saturday artist behind popular daily comic Bizarro.

WaynoVision first launched as an online syndicated cartoon on GoComics in 2014, and we had the pleasure to pick it up here weekly at City Paper in May 2016. Bizarro, a syndicated comic found nationally in 350 newspapers, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette locally, was started 33 years ago by cartoonist Dan Piraro.

Wayno and Piraro first met in 2009 at an event at ToonSeum, Downtown Pittsburgh's comics arts museum, when Wayno introduced himself and “kind of surprised myself by saying something like, ‘Hi, I’m Wayno. Next time you need a vacation, you should hire me.’”

"I was initially skeptical,” Piraro tells CP in an email, "but when I checked out his work, I thought it seemed very appropriate both in style and content to fill in for Bizarro. Over the subsequent years, Wayno and I became good friends and collaborated on over a hundred gags. I also hired him to do the weekday color for my cartoons, an arrangement that we both enjoyed for three years."

You’ll find a lot of similarities in the two strips: both weird, wacky and laugh-out-loud funny. Piraro, who will still be creating each week’s Sunday strip, says Wayno was the first person he considered when he decided to move away from doing seven cartoons a week.

“He is uniquely talented and well-suited to step into the daily grinder under the Bizarro moniker, and is such a pleasure to work with that I often feel I'm getting a taste of the sort of 'one mind' that identical twins often report,” says Piraro.

Here at City Paper, Wayno would always send me his WaynoVision cartoons a month in advance. I asked him how many Bizarro gags he already has in the can.

“I'm working to stay as far ahead of deadline as I can! Right now, we have the first nine weeks of 2018 completed and ready to go, and I'm getting started on a new batch right now.”

In addition to checking out his Monday-Saturday Bizarro strips, you can keep up with Wayno’s journey on his blog, and on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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