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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders stumps for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty in Pittsburgh speech at CMU

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Young Pittsburgh voters, meet Katie McGinty. Polls have shown that young people are the least familiar age group with the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, but when the Millennial-adored Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at the Wiegand gym on the Carnegie Mellon University campus today, about 400 college-aged people were in attendance to hear McGinty speak.

"I need you to deliver some big victories in 53 days," said McGinty to the crowd. "Can I count on you?"

McGinty spoke about her support for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how that contrasts with her opponent Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who said he would like to see it dismantled. "We should not defund the financial watchdog, we should dethrone Pat Toomey," she said.

Attention in the crowd seem to wane a bit during McGinty's speech, but picked back up again when McGinty spoke about dignity in the workforce. "People don't want much, maybe a vacation at the beach once a year, and people deserve that," said McGinty. "They deserve dignity and we should go to bat for them."

But the biggest cheers occurred when Sanders took the stage. "The control of the U.S. Senate and our progressive agenda may rest on the result of this vote," said Sanders. "We need to vote for Katie McGinty."

Sanders outlined a similar agenda to what he had laid out during his campaign for president, including raising the minimum wage, advocating for women's rights, and focusing on the environment. (However fracking was not mentioned, which Sanders opposes and McGinty supports, with regulation.)

Sanders also encouraged the young people in the crowd to get involved in the political system. "Many are throwing up their hands towards the political system, but my suggestion is to get involved," said Sanders. "We are talking about the future of the United States of America."

Toomey derided the McGinty-Sanders collaboration, and said McGintry was moving too far left with the alliance. "Bernie Sanders is an honest-to-goodness, self-described socialist and today, Katie McGinty is showing support for Sanders’ brand of far-left extremism that includes abolishing the CIA, supporting Fidel Castro’s communism, and raising taxes by $15 trillion," said Toomey in a press release.

But Democrats may have had the last laugh with a joke only young people familiar with the online dating site Tinder would get. "When Pat Toomey sees a big Wall Street bank, he swipes right," said Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, who introduced McGinty, to a big laugh from the crowd.

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