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Friday, October 2, 2015

Campaign 2016’s Silly Season: A Weekly Tweet Round-Up Oct. 2

Posted By on Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 2:14 PM

We slog through the twitter streams of the 2016 Presidential candidates and give you a weekly round-up of the more entertaining ones, every Friday.

Being ahead in the polls is no reason not to pander to Duck Nation.

The math on this is super confusing. Is the working class even in the club? Maybe it's just code to let the faithful know that Mike Huckabee has no idea how a strip club works, NO SIR.

Chafee also having trouble with metaphors this week, though points for lyricism and commenting on events of 100 years ago.

Graham also trying out some confusing imagery.

There's one citizen whose vote can be had for a song.

Something tells me that Jeb! actually doesn't spend much time in Domino Park. Also, wearing ties to Domino Park, as you do.

I dunno. There's a fair argument that America's true Bible is a book celebrating unfettered capitalism.

And one of the responses to gun tragedies is that candidates take a break from sending out "Whee! Guns!" tweets like this one from last week. It's a nice photo of a clown, though.

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