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Monday, March 2, 2015

Sleater-Kinney offer spirited performance to a sold-out Stage AE

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Carrie Brownstein is a rockstar.

But everyone in Sleater-Kinney is. The riot grrrl rock band played a sold-out Stage AE Sunday night, returning to Pittsburgh after 19 years.

Shredding on an all-black Gibson SG, Brownstein performed like the female version of AC/DC's Angus Young, in guitar and playing style, strumming wildly with her short pink highlighted hair swaying simultaneously. In a plaid chiffon shirt, leather skirt and black boots, she had no resemblance to her quirky character on Portlandia, a definite change of pace for those who knew her from the IFC sitcom.

The band played an hour and 30 minute set in front of a weathered, cut cloth backdrop. Unlike their surroundings, Sleater-Kinney was anything but weathered. Co-frontwoman Corin Tucker, while less animated than Brownstein, struck chords with force. Drummer Janet Weiss beat the drum set with ferver and fury. For the trio being in their 40s. they played quite energetically.

While the band is openly feminist, it wasn't the focus of their set, only addressed when Tucker thanked Planned Parenthood for educating those that came to the show. Sleater-Kinney's performance transcended gender. It was three veteran musicians commanding the stage with new life after a 9-year hiatus.


1. Price Tag
2. Fangless
3. Start Together
4. Oh!
5. Surface Envy
6. No Anthems
7. Get Up
8. What's Mine Is Yours
9. A New Wave
10. Call the Doctor
11. One Beat
12. No Cities to Love
13. Words and Guitar
14. One More Hour
15. Bury Our Friends
16. Turn It On
17. Entertain
18. Jumpers

19. Gimme Love
20. Youth Decay
21. Let's Call It Love
22. Modern Girl
23. Dig Me Out

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