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Friday, February 6, 2015

Trailer for Sale or Rent: Seventh Son

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This film was not screened for critics locally, so we took a look at the trailer.

Film: Seventh Son
Opening Date: Fri., Feb. 6
Stars: Ben Barnes, Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges
Necessary Info: Adapted from a series of fantasy books; a tale of a warrior fighting freaky creatures in olden days

Sample dialogue: “If you see a witch, kill it.”

Trailer Analysis: Seems a fair condensation of the whole film: Dude gets tasked with fighting monsters, gets weapons training from old guy, meets pretty girl and gets busy with the sword-fu. Troublesome creatures seen: dragon, one-eyed giant troll, bear, big cat, skeleton, dude with four arms, tree ninjas and Julianne Moore. Jeff Bridges delivers his dialogue in a super-serious, half-strangled voice that will probably get tiresome fast.

Based on these 2:31 minutes, should you go? For the dragon set only

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