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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beagles Brothers get made fun of by Jon Stewart

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One gauge of national-level celebrityhood has long been: Have you been lampooned on Saturday Night Live? That may not exactly be the case for the Beagle Brothers, but the local country band can now say it's been made fun of on The Daily Show, which may arguably be an even bigger deal.

We profiled the band a few years back, then last year followed up last year with the story of how the Beagles got a gig playing for Punxsutawney Phil. This year, they reprised that role, and it got them on national TV again — not just the Weather Channel, which broadcasts the excitement live, but later in a segment on rodent prognostication on The Daily Show. The Beagles got a solid few seconds of face time on Comedy Central, plus Jon Stewart called them "Gobbler's Knob's best Zac Brown cover band." OK, it didn't get a ton of laughs live, but we can enjoy the moment at least.

Well. Just watch:

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