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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Picking the new Pennsylvania governor and other important decisions in a young girl's life

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Just when it looked like Video of the Week in the Pa. governor’s race would go to Corbett staffer Dennis Roddy, asking a staffer for Democratic challenger Tom Wolf’s Campaign for a Fresh Start “are you carrying any kind of weapon,” comes this commercial from the College Republican National Committee.

The ad is a send-up of the reality show Say Yes To the Dress, where brides-to-be search for that perfect wedding gown. The ad is bound to be a classic because after all, what young girl hasn’t always dreamed of catching that perfect fella, buying the perfect dress and marching on down the aisle?

Besides, if anyone knows how to reach out and relate to women it’s Gov. Tom Corbett, whether on issues of reproductive health or creating a safe work environment where women can prosper!

In the ad, instead of hunting for that perfect gown, some recent college grads are looking for the perfect governor. They desperately want “The Tom Corbett” and not their mother’s expensive and outdated pick, “The Tom Wolf.” After all, Wolf backs outdated ideas like raising the minimum wage and imposing an extraction tax on shale drilling. Here’s the ad:

It is a little strange to think of Tom Corbett as the friend of recent college grads. City Paper has a story this week about how Pittsburgh Public Schools have fared under the governor. Higher-ed spending has also been cut under Corbett.

According to figures from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Corbett slashed allocations to PASSHE 18 percent in his first budget and has kept it flat-funded since then. State funding per full-time student has also decreased significantly. The numbers are below:


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