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Friday, April 5, 2013

Local Filmmakers Soliciting Advice for City's Next Mayor

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This year’s Pittsburgh mayoral race hasn’t just inspired candidates, reporters and political analysts. It’s also inspired young independent filmmakers Christa Majoras, Alex Lee, and Angela Wiley to start a letter campaign and documentary film project addressing the city of Pittsburgh — and its mayoral hopefuls — directly with words of affection and advice.

The Dear Pittsburgh project encourages Pittsburghers to write letters to the city and its future mayor, all of which will be featured on the Dear Pittsburgh blog. Some of which will ultimately be woven into the documentary.

“Our biggest focus is to get a wide range of letters from different people, different neighborhoods, different perspectives and different ideas,” Majoras says. “Within that, there will be some serious things and hopefully some lighthearted and funny things as well.

“We want to make this a community project that has a lot of different voices, and hopefully has a chance to speak to the future mayor about what people are interested in.”

But the clock is ticking for Dear Pittsburgh’s letter submissions. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 19th and they have yet to receive any letters.

The sample letter on the Dear Pittsburgh blog, based on Majoras’ experiences, reads, “We met at birth, but I had eyes for other cities… After spending some time with some others — Boston, New York, and London, I came back to you and fell hard and quick for some striking characteristics… that I had not seen before.” The letter asks the Burgh to “keep leading the way on sustainability, make transit stronger, and keep community spaces safe and available to all…please grow, but don’t forget your roots.”

Got advice for Pittsburgh or the future mayor? You can submit a letter — one page, single spaced — here.

The filmmakers ask you to use respectful language — but we’re guessing jagoff is probably OK.

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