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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heads Up: Morning headlines for Feb. 19

Posted By on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Here's your latest Nate Harper Deathwatch headline. It seems money transferred into a mysterious bank account at a West End credit union -- I guess the West End is like our Switzerland when it comes to sensitive financial transactions -- may have been used on high-end travel expenses, and even condo rentals for city officials during G-20.

The circle is now complete: After decades of Downtown Renaissances and renewals, some leaders are waxing nostalgic for the way things were 60 years ago. Not that anyone is talking about bringing back massage parlors or anything (though if you want to know why Downtown seems dead after 5 ...). No, it seems the idea is to double down on all the current development trends, and create an "urban village." Albeit one in which the village smithy stands beneath the spreading eaves of ye olde skyscraper.

Socially conscious investors want PNC Bank to disclose lending decisions that may contribute to global warming. This move appears to be the latest in a long-running campaign to have PNC 'fess up to its financing of coal-mining and other resource extraction.

Whether you're a heartless Republican or a bleeding-heart Dem, we can probably all agree on this much: People in state prisons should not be receiving unemployment benefits. And guess what? Gov. Tom Corbett is on the case.

And if you have any conscience at all, your calendar tonight should have something on it. County council is set to vote on gas-drilling on county-owned airport property this evening -- though there's pages of other agenda items you'll have to sit through first. Natalia Rudiak is officially launching her re-election bid tonight; Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's own re-election effort also gets underway.

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