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Monday, January 14, 2013

Heads Up: Morning headlings for Jan. 14

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Public urination, drunkenness, belligerent behavior ... the South Side's weekend scene has it all. And now it comes complete with a high-speed police chase and shooting! A police pursuit ended after off-duty city police opened fire on a car speeding down Carson Street late Saturday night, injuring the driver and his mom (?). Details -- including the names of those shot -- are vague at this point. But police say that the driver, who collided with vehicles while racing down the street at a little before 2 a.m., was putting at risk untold number of late-night revelers. Some bar patrons, meanwhile, are faulting the police for acting recklessly.

The Tribune-Review is prepared to stir up your outrage at state legislators who take per diem expenses. And the top recipient of such reimbursements for the most recent legislative session is -- sorry, I'm having a little trouble getting the envelope open, I'm just so nervous -- Pittsburgh Democrat Dom Costa! Don't forget to thank the little people, out there in the dark, who make it all possible, Rep. Costa.

You may not have heard about it, but late last week Gov. Tom Corbett signed a sensible gun law designed to ramp up penalties on "straw purchasers" -- those who buy guns legally, but turn them over to people whose criminal records prevent them from purchasing guns on their own. Sadly, it took the death of a police officer to make it happen.

Corbett also decided to privatize the state lottery system after all on Friday. This was before a state Senate committee could hold a hearing on whether that was a good idea. And that hearing may be the first chance for the public to learn details about the months-long negotiating process the governor apparently approved last week. Ordinarily, of course, there's a public debate and then the major policy decision. But hey, it's a gambling bill, so I guess we're rolling the dice.

The good news: After being shuttered for years, it's now possible to get a look inside St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church along Route 28. The bad news: That's because they are tearing the thing down. The landmark structure is being razed, despite objections from preservationists ... and the first thing to go, apparently, was the bells.

And finally, today marks the start of "Pittsburgh Restaurant Week," in which some 50 city restaurants are offering specials in an effort to "bring individuals from surrounding boroughs or suburbs to the city." City residents can also enjoy the discounts -- which include deals at some of Pittsburgh's toniest restaurants -- though the influx of clientele from such exotic locales as Baldwin Township may mean longer waits for a table.

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