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Friday, November 16, 2012

Q & A with Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep

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If you've heard anything by Turquoise Jeep, you've probably succumbed to a new language the includes the word "smang" or begs the question, "How you like your eggs, fried or fertilized?" Whether comedy or not, their music is on some new levels of fun and, perhaps ridiculousness. But love 'em or hate 'em, their work is pretty damn entertaining. We talked with label head Flynt Flossy before their upcoming Pittsburgh appearance tomorrow at the Shadow Lounge.

Tell me a little bit about how Turquoise Jeep came to be.

Basically, I was getting sick and tired of my creativity being limited. I was really frustrated with the way labels worked. I was choreographing, rapping, directing. Things of that nature. But I had all the means. I said to my business partner, “Yo, Watcha [Watchamacallit], we really have all the means of putting together our own label. Ya know, we have the talent, we have the business minds.” So, we just got everybody together and started a label.

When you were choreographing, rapping and doing all of those different things, were you doing the work for labels?

Yes and no. I was independent. But it was at the point where I was dependent on other labels. I’ve always been free spirited. I’ve always been a kind of rebel. I really took charge when I was like, “Ya know what? People are not going to see what my people can do unless I put it out there.”

I’m interested in the content of your songs. They’re pretty comediec. Where do you get inspiration from?

Man, when you realize it man. Everyday people think it’s funny or whatever but we just rap about life, ya know? For instance “Cavity” was based on a true story. Most songs are based on true stories. It’s kinda like my main girl was biting on my shoulder and I said, “Ya know, you’re gonna get cavities, all that chocolate in your mouth.” And she started giggling and stuff. And I said, this is a song.

It’s like smash and bang. Like “SMANG.” That’s what we use in our everyday vernacular. I was using smang forever and one day I was just like, “Yo, let’s make a song out of this.”

"Smang" has even become a part of my vocabulary.

Ha! I love it! Yeah, everyday we get people saying, “Man, I can’t go to the dinner and the waitress asks, “How you like your eggs?” without just thinking of Turquoise Jeep. Like, crazy. We’re changing culture. It’s a beautiful thing.

And I think our fans are genuine in the sense that we’re not trying hard. We’re really just being ourselves. Just being ourselves and putting a camera on it. Turquoise Jeep is either you love it or you hate it.

We call it EMB. Existing Music Being. We made our own genre. They say, “What are you? R&B? Hip hop?” We’re EMB. They can’t classify us.

How long have you guys been touring?

We’ve been doing shows for almost two years, as far as the label. And it started getting heavy around this summer. Before that we were doing SXSW. And maybe go to New York. But it really started being heavy in the summertime.

What has the reception been like in different cities?

The crazy part about it is — and I’m always astounded, every time — is that all the shows have the same energy. It’s like, you go to Minnesota, you see it one way, and then you expect New York to be one way but it’s the same. You feel like you’re always in the same place.

We get emails from people in Ireland, and the U.K. It’s crazy. The reception is nuts. We have our fans that understand us and they’re always really die-hard about it. Even if they show up and are like, “what’s Turquoise Jeep?” They leave being a fan but in the beginning they’re like, “What the hell am I watching?” And then they see and are like, “Ok, I can’t hate you.”

10pm. Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd.$15. 21+. 412-363-8277 or www.shadowlounge.net.

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