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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heads Up: Morning headlines for Sept. 26

Posted By on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 8:58 AM

Story of the day: "It's possible there could be an injunction here," says Commonwealth Court Robert Simpson in a re-hearing of the state's voter ID law. This despite the fact that the state has, yet again, issued an eleventh-hour attempt to make registration easier. I've got a column out today arguing that the more of these contortions that politicians engage in, the more obvious this slap-dash law's failings become. But of course, as the blog North Pittsburgh Politics observes, even if the law is shelved for the upcoming election, it has already served a partisan purpose, by forcing Democrats to spend time and energy on preparing for it.

Meanwhile, though uncertainty over how will vote continues, the preferences of voters themselves is becoming clearer. New polling out today shows big leads for Obama in Pennsylvania, as well as widening margins in Obama's favor in other swing states. A somewhat more ambiguous poll result: While Bob Casey leads Tea Partier Tom Smith in Pennsylvania's Senate race, the margins there aren't as wide as you might expect.

Wait a minute here ... you mean it is possible to get nonprofits to regularly pay for government services after all?

OK, there's an ongoing legal battle ... zoning issues to work out ... arguments over public financing to resolve ... but other than that, a Strip District development project is gonna be great!

Workers are calling for an extension of a federal renewable-energy tax credit, which has existed for two decades. The tax is set to expire by year's end, and advocates expect lost jobs from windmill plants and the like. Also, there's that whole thing about the ice caps melting and fossil fuels running out someday.

And finally, WPXI is reporting that state troopers will no longer be carrying pepper spray. Apparently, the move was prompted by a training incident in which cadets suffered injuries while using the stuff.

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