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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Steelers drumline, a habit-kicking app and more

Posted By on Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 2:41 PM

Localism is our weekly-ish blog series highlighting some interesting crowdfunding projects based in our around Pittsburgh. Here's what we've got this week:

"DropKicker" has a name that's kind of similar to an idea I once had (for an anti-crowdfunding site called Kickstopper, in which you paid to have someone not record an album/have an event/etc.). But it's a lot nicer than that. DropKicker is an app/system for kicking bad habits. Brought to you by some of the folks behind Obscure Games, Dropkicker is kind of like a high-tech string around your finger. If your bad habit is forgetting to contribute to useful Kickstarter projects, break it for this one.

Maybe it's because I'm a drummer, or maybe it's because I like the Steelers, but this one appeals to me: Help outfit a Steelers drumline! Now, yes, I do think the NFL should probably have enough cash money to outfit a drumline. But since that doesn't seem to be something that's happening, it's a worthy cause. There's 22 days left on this $7500 campaign.

The local band Una de Luna is working on something big for its album release: a 360-degree video webcast. They need your dollars to make it happen, natch!

And sculptor Richard Michaux, who recently successfully funded some Santa sculptures, is going to the next obvious artistic quarry: presidential candidates! If you get an Obama, it'll likely be a little nicer than that Chia Obama you got for Christmas last year. I dunno if I'd want Mittens staring at me in my kitchen ("That macaroni and cheese came from the local Sheetz, didn't it? You didn't make that yourself, did you?"), but someone might.

Texture Ballet is trying to raise funds to go to NYC for a dance festival there; that Indie Go Go campaign has only a few hours left, so act fast if you want to help out a new and innovative ballet group.

And here's a weird but cool idea: an Online Food Swap. I may or may not be cool with eating someone else's food that I saw was available via the Internet; I guess I have to think about that! But we'll never know if it doesn't get funded, eh?

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