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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heads Up: Morning headlines for Sept. 6

Posted By on Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Story of the day: Bill Clinton nails it, as you knew he would. (And by the way, his claim that job creation is stronger under Democratic administrations than Republicans? Oh, it's true.) Have to say that one of the big surprises of this campaign has not been that the Republican campaign is based on lies, but that the lies are so stupid. When they decide to tell transparent falsehoods about Obama "undermining" welfare reform, didn't they realize they were setting up Clinton -- the guy who signed welfare reform -- to blast them for the fiction?

Opponents are speaking out about the plan to shore up mass transit by tapping Regional Asset District sales-tax dollars -- and among the critics are those who helped usher in the tax. A legal review is underway, though as noted here previously, the tax's enabling legislation would seem to leave plenty of wiggle room -- as even the Allegheny Institute seems to reluctantly acknowledge, while still casting all sorts of doubt about the wisdom of it.

Here's another way in which Lawrenceville is becoming the new South Side: It's about to have a months-long debate on creating a special taxing district to provide neighborhood sanitation and other services. This proposal, advanced by City Councilor Patrick Dowd, would levy a tax on area businesses; it's thus less sweeping than a failed South Side proposal. But don't be surprised if there are fireworks anyway.

Big surprise: Republican Senatorial candidate Tom Smith favors a flat tax. He'd also do away with a tax on capital gains, which would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

Another city bicyclist hit, and critically injured, in an accident involving a car. Anyone noticing a trend here?

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