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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heads Up: Morning headlines for Aug. 22

Posted By on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 8:16 AM

Today's top story: Paul Ryan comes to Pennsylvania and wields a Terrible Towel. (You can see what he adds to the GOP ticket: Romney would have used it to polish the Bentley or something.) Also, did you know Ryan is a "Catholic deer hunter" who digs guns and religion? Oh, it's true.

Hangover for the state stores: A state ethics panel is investigating officials at the state LCB for allegedly accepting gifts and other favors.

Meanwhile, in a city far, far away, local officials plead with the state for stricter gun-crime penalties. Good luck with that.

State officials on the Voter ID bill: No need for the Supreme Court to rush on the voter ID case! After all, it's not like there's a crucial election coming up or anything!

City controller Michael Lamb gets cited for code violations at a Beechview property he owns. Lamb, who is likely running for mayor next year -- and who has been beating up on the Ravenstahl administration -- acknowledges the property has been untidy. But he claims that's because contractors were working on it: "[T]hey're in the middle of the job. I don't know why the building inspector would come around and bother us about that." He doesn't even overtly suggest that he suspects some kind of political motivation may be at work. Which is smart.

In a ruling with important implications for Pittsburgh's air quality and health, a federal appeals court has overturned regulations limiting pollution from power plants. Two judges appointed by (surprise!) George W. Bush found that the EPA had exceeded its authority in setting the rules, which were designed to limit pollution crossing state borders and fouling the air for those downwind. Like us.

The upshot of the ruling? For some time to come, Pittsburghers will be stuck breathing pollution created in Ohio.

Pollution created in Ohio, people!